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My attention was drawn to your website soon after it was launched and it is hard to describe how pleased I was to see the subject and content of your project.

I too have for some years contemplated trying to do something about the 'Rules of Golf' and in the past couple of years have focussed on a close analysis of the current code and the development of an alternative set of rules, based around the current structure, which I believe would better serve the club golfer, and thereby, the game.

Posted on my website 'www.rogamania.blogspot.com' is the current draft of my proposed rule book. Arguments for the majority of the proposed reforms and modifications to the extant code have been posted on the website over the past 18 months.

I will progressively update this draft code as modifications are made.

I sense that my proposal falls between your code 1 and code 2.

I hope sincerely that at least one enterprising, courageous and influential person of authority takes up and prosecutes your cause.


My general comment, we would need the local golf association that rates the courses to make sure that the holes are handicapped correctly and that par for each hole is set properly. The rules may even have to set what a par 5 is and if a hole can be 300 yards and be a par 3
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